Contact Us

Hot973 (KHDK)

(319) 758-0973

610 N. 4th Street #300

Burlington, IA. 52601


Operations Manager:  Joe Bates

Sales Manager: Janet Stottmeister

Owner: John Pritchard


    1. savanna

      We don’t usually play local music but are always open to doing interviews with a local band if they have an event coming up. At that time, if the band has high quality, studio recorded music, we can play it during the interview.

  1. Lori

    I listen to beat the bank in the mornings. How can I participate? I thought I heard one has to sign up first, if so how do i do that? Thank you!

  2. savanna

    Hey Zephan! Hope you’re doing well! Sorry we didn’t see this comment right away. Try calling the request line when you want to hear a song right away. (319)-758-0973. 🙂


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