XYZ with Erik Zachary

Get ready for a brand new show on Hot 97.3.  Beginning Monday, October 23rd at 7PM, XYZ with Erik Zachary will be on Hot 97.3 weekdays from 7pm until midnight.

After 10+ years of TV/radio experience, Erik Zachary is taking everything that made you reach for the AUX cord and kicking it out of the studio.

Whether it’s catching up with Ed Sheeran about his paintings, taking a moment to talk about mental health in ‘Mental Health Monday’, bantering with his actual mother in ‘Mom’s Hot Take’ or featuring up-and-coming musicians and their approach to songs that we know and love in ‘Under The Covers’—‘XYZ with Erik Zachary’ is changing everything you came to expect from nightly radio.

His decade of music journalism experience has given him the opportunity to talk with an ever-growing and wide-range list of celebrities.

Several of his past interview highlights include: Ed Sheeran, Chris Rock, Post Malone, Kevin Hart, Ludacris, Selena Gomez, Jennifer Hudson, Ryan Seacrest, Keith Urban, Christina Applegate, Demi Lovato, Martin Sheen, Charlie Puth, Shawn Mendes, Robert Downey Jr, Fall Out Boy, Luke Bryan, Thomas Haden Church, Cardi B and more.